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Rai Muslin
Rai Muslin
Rai Muslin

Rai Muslin

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Hands down the muslin is the most useful item in a parents/carers toolkit! The muslins were inspired my Matisse and designed by rai, with a little Be Diddy twist! Visually pleasing for both baby and adult.

Material: 100% Organic Cotton Muslin, double layered.

Size: 60cm x 60cm

About the muslin:

Wrinkles after washing.  Muslin has a naturally loose yarn, which can help give designs a slight rustic aesthetic. This does not in any way impact the quality of the muslin, and merely adds to the natural charm of the fabric. Due to the delicate nature of the fabric, some pulls are to be expected and this is not out of the ordinary.  The muslin's get softer the more they are washed.

Care instructions:

Wash at 30°c, low heat iron, tumble dry, do not bleach, do not wring.