Primark launches in-store vintage clothing collections. My thoughts...

As you all know I'm a blogger now and quite frankly I am on a roll, so let's get into it...

- Firstly I'd go and read the article by Retail Gazette here;  What strikes me is not once has anyone mentioned the reasoning behind this is due to sustainability? But keeping up with trends and popularity has...

-The article then goes on to say how the stock will be "great value." Prices of wholesale vintage have skyrocketed over the last year (it's the bain of my life!) and we as independents have had to increase prices, to survive. If Primark starts selling mass vintage, super cheap what impact will it have on us? It also worries me that their normal consumer will still see it as throw-away fashion.

- To me, one of the joys of going vintage shopping is the experience. Digging around a flea market, a cool curated store where everything is expertly picked out, the history, the staff with all the knowledge. Not under strip lights, next to a fake Central Perk Cafe (too far?!)

- Looks like a bit of sneaky PR if you ask me. I've got so many questions?! How much are they charging for the space and are they taking a cut of sales? Is there going to be any education around this? Or will it be launched in-store as another concession, making it confusing for the consumer? Is it a load of old greenwashing? Distraction from the fact that they still haven't paid their garment workers?

There's probably loads of stuff I've missed out but I'm currently bashing away at my keyboard at 22.31pm so I'm going to leave it there for now. Let's ride this out and see what happens next. I'd like to think I look for the best in a situation (bringing vintage to a new audience) but something about this just seems a bit fishy to me.

I will go and visit over the next few weeks and report back.

Kayleigh :)

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